Sunday, November 22, 2009

Eventful Week!

Jordan had a busy week! It started with a trip to the ER on Sunday night-A BIG cousin was playing a little too rough with him-as nearly everyone does-he's SO tough-and he ended up hitting his head on the coffee table-no stitches-only super glue. Then yesterday he lost his first tooth! and the one next to it is loose, too! He hasn't been over yet this morning to let us know about the tooth fairy!

I didn't realize that a whole week had passed again! Alot has happened around here this week! Jeff wasn't able to stay at work for more than 4 hours on Monday due to the pain in his back. He came home and called the Doc-who wanted him to come into the office in Houston on Tuesday morning for x-rays. After the x-rays-the Doc has taken him off work intil Dec. 16th and told him to go ahead and start filing for his Social Security Disabilty benefits. He said he wouldn't be able to work anywhere-and no lifting or bending! So---We spent nearly 8 hours filling out all the forms and getting them submitted. He has had to get in touch with finance companies to see what to do about the disabilty insurance that we had purchased on those loans.

Anyway-Jeff has had a time trying to stay away from doing any kind of work! He is not one to just sit around doing nothing. I am now off for Thanksgiving week and will go back to work on the 30th. We plan to go down to the beach on Thursday afternoon and spend the rest of the week down there. We went into Conroe yesterday and nearly got all the Christmas shopping done-YEAH! Just a few more things to pick up-it'll be a slim one around here this year-Jeff will be getting a very small paycheck from now on!

We had rain yesterday-but the sun is shining now! And the hot tub is WONDERFUL now! It was nearly 50 degrees warmer in it than the outside air the other night when we got in. I'm sure it'll be used sometime today as well! What a great way to relax!!

The garden is finally picking up a little-I can find beets, some snow peas and carrots, and lots of lettuce. We haven't put the top on the greenhouse yet-but other than a stray cucumber and some stuggling tomatoes-there's not anything in there.

Well, Jordan just came over with the $5 the tooth fairy left him! Needless to say-he's excited! They're eating pancakes now-a Sunday morning tradition-Grandpa fixes pancakes for breakfast!


Lucky Lizard Ranch said...

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!
I have a timy smidge of comfrey and will save a spring shoot for you. :)

YeagerFarm said...

Thanks So much!! I'm looking foward to meeting you and have a wonderful Thanksgiving, too!