Thursday, November 12, 2009


One of the does had 7 babies! The other is the larger of the 2 and she did pull hair-but no babies yet! I put the 3rd one back in with the buck yesterday-so another litter is due Dec. 12th. The garden just will not grow-I don't know what's up with it! By this time every year I usually have beautiful brocolli coming on and it looks awful this year! The cabbage has not grown at all since I planted it. The beet seeds have come up and are the only thing that looks like it might do something!
The new pump and heater for the hot tub are due here today! They went out a few weeks ago and Jeff has been trying to get them to work-he had a spare set a guy at work had given him-piecing the 2 sets together. Then the light bill came in -YIKES!! Our usuage had more than doubled!! And everytime we turned it on the light meter just spinned like crazy! So we broke down and ordered a new set. Hopefully this one will get nice and warm-not just tolerable. And not make the bill go up so much!!
Still no word from Jeff's Dr. He actually is at a conference and will not be available until Monday. So he has to wait til then to see what's gonna be done. Jeff said yesterday he would have come home if he could have afforded to-he was hurting that bad! We just don't know what's gonna happen with his back!
I ate Thanksgiving lunch with Hailey at school yesterday. GOOD! We are all waiting for the end of next week-we'll be off the whole week for Thanksgiving! Then back to school for 3 weeks-then off for 2 for the Christmas break. It just doesn't seem like we are that close to Christmas!! I really haven't done any shopping at all! Better get busy!!

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