Sunday, November 15, 2009


These 2 does showed up Wednesday night-and ate ALL the corn!
And this buck showed up around 7:30 Friday night-he didn't stay around as long as the does did! He's not the one we got pics of earlier-this one appears to be a 6 point!
We spent nearly the whole day yesterday looking for the parts for the hot tub! The new pump and heater came in on Thursday-but all the fittings were wrong. We finally found a place in the Woodlands that got us all fixed up! Jeff and Randy got it all set up and going again-the water was 66 degrees! This morning it was up to 84 degrees-so if it's not raining this evening-we might get in it tonight for the first time in over a month!
The garden seems to be picking up ever so slightly! I have 2 squash that finally came up and lots of lettuce-a few of the snow peas are appearing. We only got the 1 litter of bunnies-so I'll have to rebreed the doe who didn't kindle.
Well-only 5 days this week and then we have our week off! I'm looking foward to getting a few things done here in the house the first day or 2. We'll go down to the beach on Thanksgiving afternoon or early Friday morning. We are gonna take the tractor and get some dirt work taken care of and Duane needs to use it some, too.
We have a pretty strong cool front headed our way-it won't get out of the low 60's for the next couple of days-it was 80 yesterday and will be today again. We have leaves all over the ground-I was just looking around last weekend and thinking that they hadn't started falling yet-what a difference a week can make!
I hear a hen cackling-must have an egg! Have a great week!

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