Friday, October 24, 2008

Chicks And Bottle Calf

Well-better late than never!! The eggs in the incubator DID hatch!! We got 12 of 17-which I was very happy about-these eggs had been through ALOT!! They were layed during Hurricane Ike-then put in the incubator-and for some reason rolled around in there for the 21 days-the incubator somehow(?) got unplugged for at least 12 hours and did cool down to almost 70 degrees. But 12 did manage to hatch-although we did lose the last one :( ! We kept them in the house for a few nights-then outside they went into a cage with a light on them to keep them warm. And lo and behold-I get up the next morning to check on them-and 5 have been eaten through the cage wire!!! I was SOOOO upset!! We also had lost ANOTHER one of the older layers-so the war was on!!!! We set 2 different live traps in both locations and of course-never caught a thing nor did anyone else go missing-thank God! Then we went last Saturday to Tomball and picked up a bottle calf to feed out for the freezer next summer. I named him Freckles and the kids are having a ball feeding him. The picture shows Jeff-our daughter-in-law Kim( this is her first time to feed a calf ) and our oldest granddaughter-Hailey.

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