Friday, October 24, 2008

Varmits Caught!!!

I know that I put the details at the bottom of this posting-BUT we caught 'em!!! I woke up yesterday morning around 3:00am to a noise around the bitties cage-I got Jeff up-and he went out with the 22. He shot 3 (!) coons-the 4th got away. (I apologize to critter lovers-but I can't have wild things eating my stuff!! ;( ) Then last night while we were out feeding-our son, Randy, says, "Mom-when did ya'll catch the possum?" Sure enough-there was one in the live trap Jeff had set on top of the shed to catch what we thought was coons getting the chickens. Boy, little did we know we had a coon and possum problem. Hopefully they've all been taken care of for now!!

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ang said...

Oh my gosh! I had the same Barnyard war the beginning of this year. I lost the war... 22 chickens gone to coons, possums and neighbors dogs. It really bites but I'll get new chicks in 2009... I hope you win your war.