Monday, October 27, 2008


Had another pretty busy weekend around here. Friday was Mom's birthday-so we took her and Shorty-my step-dad-out to eat Chinese food. Saturday morning we had to go into Cleveland to the bank and then take a dozen eggs out to a guy Jeff works with-he has a hen setting and wanted to try to set some eggs under her. Then we headed into Coldspring to Mom's and cut and split firewood all afternoon.Took one truck load home-and still lots more to go! They wanted us to come back Sunday morning and go to Church with them-so we did. They were having dinner after the service and of course-Mom cooked for an army!! Jeff made some yeast rolls and I made a casserole. We had a great time and enjoyed the fellowship!! Afterwards we went to Wal-Mart and got some shopping done-getting a few things for Christmas everytime I go in!!! Got back later than usual-Everything here was bawling to be fed!!! They are used to being fed @ 5:00pm everyday-so if you're a little late-Boy they sure let you know!! All the animals here are SO spoiled!!!

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