Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Farm Animals

Momma Cow and "Baby"
Rainbow (Momma Cow's calf-Born 12/26/04) She's had 2 calves-A bull we put in the freezer and the heifer calf we lost this summer.
Momma Cow-She's the one Jeff can milk-She'll let me milk only if he's in the barn or if I have LOTS of really good feed!!!
These are the young pullets and rooster that I hatched in the incubator in March of this year.

Another view of the pullets and rooster.
These are my older layers-now I'm down to 5 and the rooster.
I forgot to take pictures of the rabbits-so I'll try to get them and the pigs uploaded later!

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Grammy said...

I did not know cows were temperamental as to who can milk. You chickens are wonderful. Have a great week.