Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Here is a pic of our big boy, Jordan, who has now lost 3 of his teeth-He's about to break the tooth fairy here at the holidays!! He is SO sweet! And here is a pic of the bed we treated ourselves to-We upgraded to a queen size-we've always had a full size. It also has a footboard with a cross engraved in it. We bought a new memory foam mattress set too-it felt pretty good sleeping on it last night!

Another busy week-but I go back to work on Monday-maybe things will settle down and get back to the normal routine. Shorty and Mom are still needing alot of our time-his blood sugar has been way over 400 today and Mom had to call in his home health care nurse. He has an infection and hasn't been taking the antibiotics prescribed to him and really giving everyone a hard time! Mom is improving daily-but is still stubborn about doing somethings on her own. She has a check up on Thursday afternoon-Jeff will have to drive her-we'll probally stay with them the night.
We put another roll of hay out this morning-we've been feeding bale hay for the last few days-but it's a little colder today and the next few-so we put out a roll. The hens are still laying only 1egg every other day-but lots of combs are beginning to turn red-so I'm looking foward to more eggs anyday now. Jeff brought the welding machine home-so with help will soon be starting on the squeeze shoot. We were planning to work on getting more firewood today-but that hasn't happened either. We got to bed around 1:00am from the New Year's Eve party at church-we had a good time-although I really had no intention of staying til midnight-I had a really great time-we played Taboo with a group of 10 people or so. Jeff and I aren't game players-but this was fun and a change for us.
The garden is looking great-we've pulled some onions-ones that the cows haven't reached through and ate the tops out of-and the broccoli is starting to make little heads. It'll be time to start tilling and getting the beds ready in a few weeks! We've got several cardinals and lots of little wrens coming to the feeders.
Well the day is coming to an end-not the typical way we spend New Year's-but it has been a little quiet today and we needed that!! Have a great one!!

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