Sunday, January 9, 2011

First Canning of the Year

We had 6 gallons of tomatoes in the freezer-so we decided to make picante sauce today. Boy-did this batch turn out good-but it is HOT!!! We made 11 pints-but it won't last long! It will greatly be enjoyed!
Been another busy week-with Jeff getting REALLY sick-he ran 103 temp for 3 nights-took him into see the Doc on Wednesday-wasn't strep-he didn't know what was wrong with him-so gave him a BIG penicillin shot. He finally felt better by Friday.
Went and had breakfast with some old friends on Saturday morning at their house. Viv and Bob bought a tractor the day before and wanted us to come check it out. They have chickens and some really beautiful turkeys. They have a few hogs that are ready to butcher, also. Our weather has turned off really cold-so Jeff is planning to butcher our last hog sometime the middle of the week and then possibly go help them with theirs-Another reason I had to get the tomatoes out of the freezer!

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