Monday, January 17, 2011

Last Week

Fozzie Bear-he is filling out and looking great-just wish I could get his papers in order!

Glory & Diesel-he is getting so big-we had him cornered up in the barn this morning-almost talked ourselves into banding him-but I don't know that Jeff & I can handle him by ourselves-better wait until we have more help!

The broccoli is starting to make heads-can't wait to see how big they'll get! Yummy!

Our BIG weekend project!! Jeff had pulled EVERYTHING out of our closet when I got home from work on Friday. I had been putting this off for WAY too long. Our closet had never been completed when we moved in on Dec. 23, 1983 and I think the last time I had everything out was in 1998 when Julie married and moved out. I had my reasons for not wanting to go in there too far-I really was scared of it!! No, really!! Well-it now is sporting paint-for the first time-a new closet bar and shelves-it looks so good-gotta take some pics of it!

We had some really cold weather this last week. Then it got all rainy and cool. The sun was supposed to come out today-and finally did-an hour and a half before it was time for it to go down! The pasture is So wet and soggy. Jeff did butcher the last hog this week-150 lbs of sausage plus pork chops and ham steaks. The freezer is stuffed-I can't even put in a loaf of bread-but what a wonderful feeling-so blessed! We are currently looking for more pigs-though. We thought we'd look into getting GOS-but they are going to be out of our budget level. We did go look at some hampshires yesterday-but he wanted a little more than we were willing to pay. We are finding out really fast that they aren't as easy to find as in the past. Jeff has just about decided that he is ready to get a sow and boar and start raising them again ourselves! The feed stores don't even seem to know who has any anymore!
I weaned a litter of 5 bunnies today-the other doe is due in about 10 days. The hens still aren't laying-Jeff let them out a few times this week-but a neighbor dog has his eye on them-so we have to almost sit outside and watch them to keep them safe.
Julie starts her college classes this week-her Thursday class got canceled-so she'll only be gone on Wednesday nights now-the other class is online. The girls will have to stay us on those nights. Alana will find out on the 28th what the baby is-we are all hoping for a boy! And Randy has started doing leather work and has purchased a building to work out of. He's doing some really nice work and is enjoying it! Have a great week!

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