Sunday, January 23, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mady!

Our babygranddaughter turned 4 years old today! Where is the time going to??She is definately Grandpa's sidekick at this stage in her life! I don't know somedays who's babysitting who! Jeff says she watches him very closely during the day and can even tell when he's having a bad day with his back-and will try to help him with whatever he's up to on that day!
It's been really cold here this last week-we've gone through LOTS of firewood! We still are on the lookout for some pigs to buy-but that will have to wait until next month's check! I've been working on our IRS return-now just waiting to get the last of Jeff's info in so I can get it filed for the year and out of the way! We spent over $2000 in feed this year-but when I add it up-I really begin to realize what we don't spend in the grocery store for meat that doesn't taste right anyway!! We are SO blest to be able to put healthly meats on our table!
Jeff is feeling bad again-he's got another cold-he got wet last Thursday-so I hope he doesn't relaspe into what he had before! And Kaytlynn does have what he had-Alana took her to the Doc on Friday and now she's sick with this other stuff-fever and sore throat. She stayed with us this afternoon so Alana could go into town and get her some medicine. She seems to want to stay close to me when she's sick-sure hope she doesn't give it to me!!
I intended to cut the brocoli this afternoon-but didn't get around to it-maybe after work tomorrow! It sure grew into larger heads quickly! I've got to start thinking about what to get planted where in the garden-it's just been too cold to even think about getting out there. But it should be a little warmer this week-hopefully! Have a good one!

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