Monday, December 27, 2010

MERRY CHRISTMAS-A few days late!!

Sorry-a really bad pic of the tree this year-and the first fake one we've had in too many years to count. We missed the smell of a live one-but not the mess!!

And this is one I promised of Mady and Cheyenne at the Christmas Play-it is still too cute!!
We finally got to come home on Christmas Eve-I got Mom home at 6:00pm on the 23rd. She's still a little weak and very sore-but is making progress. Her blood pressure is back to normal-Thank you, God! We had a very nice Christmas with turkey, ham and all the fixin's! Mom didn't feel up to coming over-so we took plates of food to her and Shorty in the afternoon. They got us a NuWave cooker-we are looking foward to cooking in it-Jeff cooked a few pieces of link sausage this morning-it was good!
I still have this week off-Shorty has a Dr. appointment at the VA on Wednesday-but he's riding the bus-won't let Jeff drive him. We have a party at Church on New Year's Eve-but other than that-no other plans for the week-although we do need to go into Baskin's-I picked up the wrong size overalls for Jeff. And he needs a new battery for the welding machine-Shorty needs some hooks welded onto the bucket on his tractor-then it needs to come home so we can start on the loading and squeeze shoot for the cows. We still have to take the black cow back to Shorty's and bring the other hereferd home.
Dad is STILL battling the staph infection in the new knee replacement. He's been going to Conroe everyday for a $750 antibiotic IV treatment. If this doesn't kill the infection-he may have to have the new knee removed and be bedridden for 6 weeks-with no knee-until the infection is all gone. That will be SO hard for him-he's on the tractor everyday feeding hay to his cows-and always busy doing something! Please keep him in your prayers!
And guess what-we finally are getting eggs! Well-we've gotten 2 so far-1 every other day! I can't wait for them to all really start up laying! I hate to buy eggs! Ricky is busy butchering his hog right now-with Jeff's guidance! Man-it was COLD this morning! Jeff got me a beautiful bird feeder and the birds are coming to it already! We've cleaned up and relocated some of the old feeders-I just love watching them!
And just in case I don't get back to my laptop this week-HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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