Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"B" Things-1 good-1 BAD!!

The first heads of broccoli-I put 1 quart bag in the freezer! And the other b-Jeff had to take me to the ER in Conroe Sunday evening-I have injured an old back problem that I didn't know I had! I just finished helping Jeff fill the wood rack on the back porch-in anticipation of today's cold weather. I sat down on the porch swing with 2 of the grandkids for about 20 minutes-then got up to go in the house and only made 3 steps-then couldn't walk any more-my back was killing me! I have never experianced pain like this before-it took me 20 minutes to just make it to my bed. I laid on the heating pad for an hour and got no relief. So we headed off to the ER. I have an old injury as I said earlier-a bulging disc-and I aggrevated it. I had done quite a bit this weekend-even rode Stormy a little bit-so I guess I over did it-You can bet that I'll take it easy and be much more aware of what I'm doing from now on! I stayed home from work yesterday and only worked half a day today. It is getting better-but it still hurts like crazy if I move the wrong way-I told Jeff that I really do know what he goes through now-and will probably be more protective of him-He's not having any of it!!
Boy is it COLD here! And will be for days to come-it's below 30 now and won't get much warmer through the week-and they are calling for SNOW Thursday night and Friday morning-up to 3 inches! That's alot for us-if we get any of it~
We got a pullet egg yesterday-the first egg a young hen lays-so that means they should all start laying really soon. But no eggs today-the cold change in weather might have messed them up!
Stay warm!!!

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