Thursday, January 28, 2010

Warm Week, But.....

Our weather has been SO nice this week-so far! Changes are coming this afternoon late, though. Lots of rain-up to 2 inches is heading our way and the temps are gonna drop-won't get out of the 40's tomorrow or Saturday! Hope we have enough firewood-better check on that this afternoon!
Jeff gets his new teeth today! YEAH! His parents are supposed to ride with him-just to get out of the house! His dad still isn't doing well-but doesn't like sitting in the house for too much time! Jeff butchered a rabbit for him yesterday-he was wanting rabbit for lunch!
Jeff's nephew, Jason, has bought the last feeder pig we have, so he's supposed to be here tomorrow night to butcher it. We weren't planning on selling it, but we have no room left in the freezer and not too many cool days left to butcher before it does start warming up for Spring. He has some deer meat he wants to add to it and make sausage. And the sow is getting huge-I thinking she'll be due somewhere around Valentine's Day. I just love baby pigs!
Have a great day!

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