Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Run, Run, Run!

That's all we've been doing! Curtis is still in the hospital-he isn't doing well this time-but he might get to come home tomorrow. My mom fell on saturday and cracked a rib and sprained her left wrist badly, So-we've been running to Coldspring and Conroe.
Our weather has warmed up a little bit-but it's due to start raining tomorrow. Jeff and Kaytlynn put the bitties outside yesterday in their pen with the heat lamp. Jeff has a Doc visit with a Social Security evaluation doc on Feb, 1st. SO we'll see how this one goes!
We actually got in the hot tub tonight! It felt great!!! It has been way over a month since we got in-with me sick and everything else!
I'm trying to get all of our tax stuff together-I got my W-2 at work today-so now we need to get Jeff's and get all the numbers plugged in to see how things end up this year!
We're hoping to get to go to the beach this weekend-haven't been since Thanksgiving weekend-we really need to go check on things! Have to wait and see how Jeff's dad is doing first.
Have a great rest of the week!

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