Saturday, January 9, 2010

Busy Last Few Days!

Jeff, Randy, Ricky and me finally got the sausage hanging in the smokehouse last night. This butchering has been a 2 day process with all 4 of us having a hand in it at different times. The sausage is still in the smokehouse and the bacon is curing on the front porch. It has been SO cold!
Julie has a few broken and still frozen pipes and so does Alana. Ours-knock on wood-have been OK. Jeff's Dad is back in the hospital-he has pneumonia-so we are fixin' to head to Conroe to see him. We'll pick up the pumbing stuff we need while there and get Randy and Ricky to work on fixing all of it tomorrow-since the temps are already dropping again and it's gonna be another cold one tonight!


Lucky Lizard Ranch said...

WoW! I would love to see pics of the meat curing and the smokehouse--when you get time.
Stay warm!

YeagerFarm said...

Sorry-with everything going on-I didn't even take any pics this time-BUT-I do have some posted from last year-if you want to look back at older posts!