Monday, December 8, 2008

Jerky and Milk

I made 2 batches of deer meat jerky for Randy-One on the right is already done-The other is just starting to dry. This stuff doesn't last long around here-It gets eaten like candy -better for you, too.

Jeff milked again tonight and the onorary old cow put her FRONT foot in the bucket just as he was finishing up! Dang her~~ Had to give the milk to the pigs!!! And it looked like at least a gallon tonight!! Maybe I should start looking into buying a milking machine-sure would be easier on Jeff's back!!!


Sheila said...

MAN! Does that ever look good! You guys are so talented! Love you all!

Anonymous said...

The jerky looks yummy! Sorry about your troubles in milking. We'll have our own adventures in milking this spring, with goats hopefully. I bet we'll have our own fun with the foot in the bucket!! :/