Monday, December 22, 2008

New Wood Heater!

Rascal wants to know where in the heck are we taking HER heater????
Jeff setting up the new heater-with his consultants-Jordan & Kaytlynn-looking on.

Rascal trying it out for the first time-I think she approves!!

We finally broke down and did it!! Sunday morning we decided we'd had enough of all the smoke coming in the house and called Tractor Supply to see if they had one in stock. Of course they did!!! I dearly have LOVED the heater we have-We traded 2 pigs and $20 for it from an old friend-it had a glass front and I could watch the fire burn-which I love to do!!! The only problem was every time you opened it to put more wood in-smoke just bellowed out of it. We tried everything to stop it-even rerouted the stove pipe up through the ceiling and roof(leaving a most beautiful hole in the wall behind the heater). Anyway, the new one is a little smaller-but has a blower attached to the back and is lined with firebricks-which the old one had neither of. Rascal has taken to this one, too, but I haven't caught her underneath this one yet. She is SO cold natured-we had to take her harness off for fear she'd get trapped underneath the old heater. She seems to be content to just lay beside this one on the tiles-the blower must be helping! Now if we can just get past all the burning paint and curing smell we'll be fine!

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Anonymous said...

It looks really nice. We're new to wood heating this year and really like it.