Thursday, December 11, 2008

Snow Day!!!!!

Never say NEVER!!! We got our first REAL snow in more than 30 years! I remember getting snow when I was 12 years old-but it wasn't anything like we got last night!! Like I said earlier-We usually get ice/sleet storms here. Randy got to make his first ever snowman-Isn't he proud??!!!
Hailey stayed home from school-I hated it 'cause she messed up her perfect attendance. But I know I would have kept my own kids home today so they could play in the snow. It could be YEARS before we see this again!

Snow on the brocolli.

Snow on the cedar logs in the pasture-These will be fence post before too long!


Snow on a pile of firewood.

Hailey standing on the firewood.

Snow on the ground.

Snow on the Century plant coming into our driveway.

And snow on the wagon wheel coming into the driveway.

The weather man says it would melt by 8:00am-But it's almost 8:30 now and still about 29 degrees. It shows no signs of melting yet!! It looks So different outside-I'll hate to see it melt away. The traffic in Houston is just awful this morning(we're an hour or so North of Houston) with all the overpasses iced over-We're just not used to this kinda weather!! But, boy-I'm gonna enjoy it while it's here!!


Anonymous said... happy you got to experience the white stuff.....and may want to stay away from my blog looks a bit overkill my way! ;)

Sheila said...

"Snow on The Broccoli" Sounds like a country song to me! HA!
I love Randy's snowman.....looks so much like Alfred & Jamie's!