Friday, July 22, 2011

Great Week!

I found a shark's tooth on the beach this morning! It's the first one I've found in quite awhile and the only one we've found this week. Not a big one-but one all the same!

This sand crab/fiddler crab met us at the beach this morning-I've NEVER seen a white and yellow one before and he was quite large! I would have LOVED to catch him and take him home to the grandkids-but I knew that would only cause its' death-so I just left it alone.

Well-it's almost over :( But we've had such a great time! We are on the camp grounds waiting list for Labor day weekend-and we are only the third in line. The requests in front of us only want the spaces on the Intercoastal-we'll take ANYTHING!! So it looks kinda good that we'll get to come back real soon! We also made reservations in the middle of September for our anniversary-and we got one of the best sites at the park-right on the Intercoastal canal. Hopefully we'll have our fishing lights by then and can do some serious night fishing! Speaking of-that's what we did last night! We met a young couple who are the new owners of a bait camp down here and they invited us to fish last night under the lights. The speckled trout were just popping and rolling in the water! It was great-but they didn't bite very well :( . I did catch one and I think we ended up with it and 4 sand trout and we're planning to go back tonight. We didn't get back to the camper until right at 2:00 am-really late for us. But it has been SO hot here and I guess everywhere else too. August will be here soon!

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