Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer Break Has Begun!

Kaytlynn coming into Church for Parent's night at VBS.

Jordan coming in-The theme this year was New York City-the kids had a ball!

Kylie and Grandpa-He had her grinning-but I couldn't get a pic in time-go figure! She has already gained 1.1 pounds and grown 1/2 an inch. She has a very hearty appetite!

I don't know what happened to the last post-it somehow was eaten-pics-text and all! anyway-I'll try to start over! We've been getting a little rain-not near enough-but any little bit we are grateful for! I'm off work until August 1st-so I'm looking foward to a little R&R!

We are planning to go to the beach camping next Saturday-We changed our Caddo Lake plans-we just didn't feel comfortable going so far off with all the health issues Mom's been having. We can't seem to keep her out of the hospital-and we're working with the Docs to try to get her off some of the meds-she's on WAY too much stuff! Dad started his chemo Wednesday-through fanny pack drip-he was in very good spirits at Church-no side effects yet-hopefully he won't have to suffer through any!

Jeff was reinstated as a Deacon 2 weeks ago-most members didn't even know he was in an inactive state. We really are enjoying our new pastor-Bro. Tobey and family are great!

I know I had LOTS more stuff on the eaten posts-guess I'll put it on later-if I can remember!

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