Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Today's Catch!

Our late evening catch of the day! We didn't even venture out until after noon today-We woke up this morning to thunder and lightning! It rained quite a bit-but it all soaked up here, too. Alana said it was really raining hard at the house too-so that is great news! We spent some time in the old neighborhood-they now have a washateria in Gilchrist! We spent quite awhile talking to the man who owns it. Two of his workers walked across the street and into the surf and started catching the heck out of speckled trout! And of course-we didn't have the rods and reels with us! We're gonna try it out in the morning-then gonna ride the ferry over to Galveston and spend the day over there. Don't really have any plans-other than eating somewhere nice!

This is an awful picture-but I'm just so proud of the pedicure I got from Samantha last week. She painted little flip-flops on my toenails since I was going to the beach! My feet are covered with antbites-I got into ants at the house before we left-then on the side of the road when we had the flat on the camper. Well-the fish is ready-I just baked it with butter and cajun seasoning-sure smells good!!

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