Sunday, February 6, 2011

Cold-Icy Weather

Icicles hanging off the back porch on Saturday morning-they've been there for 2 days now!
Ice on the back porch-it's beginning to melt!

And on the porch railing-you really had to watch your step out there-it was frozen over!

Icicles hanging off the back of the house.

Thankfully it's all over now and we've had a beautiful, sunny, and warm day today! But we have more icy fronts predicted for the middle of this week! I am SO ready for Spring! We took a bad weather day on Friday-no school-because of all the iced over bridges and roads-we also had reports of trees down over the roads-but we were fine here. Just went through LOTS of firewood. It even got so cold at one point we turned the gas heat on-the wood heater just couldn't do the job on its own!
My back is much better-but is still bothering me at times. I don't want to take anymore of the pain meds-so I'm just bearing with it. I'm still trying not to lift anything and just being a couch potato most of the time. I got out and walked some yesterday-went down to the pond to check the water level-it is filling up nicely with all the rain we've had. A little bit more and some warmer weather-and we might be looking for some fish to stock it with! We did go into Cleveland yesterday and picked up some feed and a few groceries-so I walked a little bit there, too.
We had the Grand Opening of our new library at Church this morning. They had a donation luncheon along with getting to see all the work they've been doing on it. All the kids seem to be loving the idea that they can get books at Church as well as at school. We've even had a few computers donated as well. There is a children's side along with books for adults to check out as well.
We've got 3 roosters to butcher this week and Jeff just got a call for 6 more rabbits to be delivered to the Austin area-so looks like he'll be busy starting the week off. And we had a heat lamp on the front porch for my houseplants-but it appears some of them froze anyway-:( The cold got my ivy's-a little of my big palm-and a few others-hopefully some of them will recover!!

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