Monday, February 7, 2011

Play Day-(Evening!)

Kaytlynn & Mady decided it was just too cold outside to play-so they turned the livingroom into a play room! They had blankets and CareBears and babies everywhere! It is so much fun to just watch and listen to them play! They had my undivided attention-they just didn't know it! They had the whole place to themselves-no older sisters or brother to boss them around or tell them how to play! And they didn't even fight with each other!
Last Wednesday the kids were picked up for a new class that was beginning at Church. They all had a blast and can't wait til Wednesday rolls round again! It is so great seeing them excited about going to Church. Kaytlynn was the only kiddo in my class this last week-so we had a great one-on-one lesson about Abram and God telling him to take his family-and all the animals and move to another land. She really enjoyed our story time!
The weather has been much nicer today-warmer, but very windy! We have a chance of snow again by mid-week-then back up in the 70's this weekend-I am so ready for Spring-Which reminds me-Spring Break is only about 5 weeks away!!

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cute kids!
The new format is nice!