Monday, November 8, 2010

First Dexter Calf!!

Here he is!! We found him as we were leaving for school this morning-almost made us late-but we had to go check him out!
Up and moving!!

And we have a VERY protective mom! She hasn't let us get close to him yet-she shakes her horns at us when we get too close! I'm not really sure I want to tangle with her.
And Fozzie is almost the opposite-he just loves spending time around us and eating range cubes from our hands. The white face cow is becoming very friendly, too-she'll let you walk right up to her in the pasture and pet her.
Jeff cooked a pork roast for supper-along with mashed potatoes and homemade loaf of bread-yummy! We decided we need to get the rest of the pork eaten out of the freezer before we get the hogs butchered.
My boss sent a bag of pecans home with me for Jeff-he now has pecans, black walnuts and hickory nuts to pick out. They'll be added to lots of holiday-and everyday-baking!!
We have 9 more working/school days before our Thanksgiving Break-Sure looking foward to it! Jeff hunted Saturday morning-froze to death and didn't see a thing-I went with him that evening and a beautiful doe walked almost right under our stand. We could have had a big mess of squirrels-but we let them go, too. Jeff's itching to get back in the woods and hunt some more-hopefully he'll get the chance sometime this week-and surely on Saturday.


Sheila said...

I knew it didn't look like it would be long before she had it! So cute! Y'all are grandparents....AGAIN! :)

Lucky Lizard Ranch said...

Congrats! What a cutie!