Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fall on the Farm!

Hailey and Madysen feeding Cheyanne. Hailey has decided that it is her job after school to feed her.
This one is just WAY too cute! Mady decided there was just a little bit of milk left and the calf just had to have it!

Here are the pigs-whose days are numbered! A few more cool spells-at least ones that last all day-and the smokehouse will be "smokin'"-full of link sausage-YUMMY!

The pond now has some water-YEAH!! This has been the first time it has ever been completely dry. The water level has dropped-but only slightly since the rain the other night-we got a total of an inch and a half-boy-did we need it!
We've had our first fire in the heater-it got cool enough-along with the dampness from the rain to need one. It's been really windy, too. But the sun came out and it's been a beautiful fall day! Enjoy!

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Lucky Lizard Ranch said...

It was good to get the rain!
The calves, pigs, kids---everyone looks happy and healthy!