Sunday, July 25, 2010

Meet Pretzel & Midnight

These 2 ladies are my birthday present this year! Pretzel is a Katakin cross sheep and Midnight is a Black Hawaiian sheep. Both are supposed to be bred-time will tell!
I do believe that Kaytlynn & Pretzel are becoming close friends! Pretzel is very friendly while Midnight is still very skidish!

We had another eventful week-Spent Monday & Tuesday in Conroe visiting a friend's mom who was in the hospital-we went up to Mom and Shorty's on Thursday and spend the day-and the next-mowing the pasture and cleaning up. They have 2 new calves-so cute! We met our friends Pat & Randy who owned the beach house next to us in Cleveland on Friday night and had the best visit! It was so great spending time with them again!

We started the incubator with 25 quail eggs this afternoon-2 weeks will tell if they hatch! The young pullets having started dieing off-we've lost 4 this week! Now we are down to only 6-so we changed their pen and will get some wormer for them tomorrow. They are very thin-although they have feed in their pen all the time.

I go back to work tomorrow-I really am ready-I know I'll have lots of things to catch up on! Ricky got the house pressure washed-so now we are ready to start painting it-but we have a 50% chance of rain most of the week-maybe by the end of the week we can get started on it!

Have a good week!

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