Saturday, July 17, 2010

Happy 50th Birthday, Jeff!!!

Jeff with the cake Alana made for him!
The flounder he caught at Rollover Pass on Wednesday morning!

Hubby has made it to the half century mark!! He isn't having a very good day, either-major back pains today! But he won't slow down and let it get the best of him. I surprized him with a quick trip to High Island for the night on Wednesday so he could spend some beach time! We had a great time-but he fished a little too much-and was in so much pain-we came on home a day earlier than planned-still had fun though.

The bathroom is completed-finally! I'll post the before and after pics later. Nothing matched up so it became quite a nightmare-took WAY longer than expected and many trips to the hardware store.

The quail have started laying-Jordan ate 5 of them fried and 2 hen eggs for supper the other night-he loved them! I am planning to wait til we are getting about 5 eggs a day-then run an incubator with some and see what hatches. The young rooster started trying to crow just this morning-scared me to death-I was still asleep and heard what I thought was Jeff hollar in the backyard-I thought he had fallen! I ran out there and it was just the rooster! Thank God! We have lost 1 of the mamma rabbits-don't know what happened to her. Jeff is butchering fryers now-our out of town customer is ready for some more! We did get the steer back from the locker plant-320 pounds of grass fed beef-YUMMY!! The steaks are SO tender-they just fall apart in your mouth! The heifer is up at Mom and Shorty's being bred. We are still thinking about getting some meat goats-but what we've looked at so far wasn't healthy looking-so we passed on them. The grass in both pastures will have to be mowed-it is getting out of hand-hard to find the pig pen.

I have 1 more week of vacation then back to work! I've really enjoyed the time off and we've gotten a few things accomplished. Jeff got the pressure washer started yesterday-so now the house needs to be washed so we can repaint it. It is too big of a job for him so the boys will have to get in on this one for sure! We have some fence that needs to be repaired so the guys will need to get on that before too long also. It is just so hot and humid right now-it's hard to get outside to do much for too long.

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