Thursday, July 1, 2010

Vacation Pics!

The crew with the Penquin at the Aquarium-Mady doesn't like him at all-Kaytlynn didn't either after this pic was taken!
All of our penquins!

Well, my summer break started today. It was so hard leaving work yesterday knowing I wasn't coming back until July 26th. We have so much still to do before school starts back again. I let my boss know that she could call me at anytime and I'll come in and do whatever needs to be done. But I do have lots to do at home before then!

I have an eye appointment in a little while-I've gotten to where I can't see with my glasses and can even see better without them! The crew has been working some on the bathroom remodel-but we've hit a snag-the clawfoot won't quite fit in the area where the old tub was! So now the plumbing will have to be rearranged to make everything fit! So much fun!

Jeff made 14 pints of pickles on Monday and I finished up the juice with 4 more this morning. We are still waiting on the call from the locker plant to pick up the steer-sure thought it would be ready by now-but the longer it hangs in the cooler-the more tender the meat! Jeff's been tinkering with the welding machine-the valves are stuck and it won't run-Shorty was needing it to finish up his new catch pen-he's making a little headway-only 1 valve is still stuck.

Hurricane Alex is not sending any rain our way it appears. It has given us cloudy days which mean cooler temps though! We do get a slight shower every now and then-but hardly enough to even drip off the house.

We are having Jeff's dad's 80th birthday party on Sunday-he still isn't doing very well-should be a pretty big crowd-he has a very large family. Gonna have hamburgers and hotdogs and birthday cake! We still have a good chance of rain on Sunday-but we'll just make the best of it!

Have a great day!

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