Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day of School-2010!!

Well-today was the day! Only Kaytlynn got to come back home-Pre-K doesn't start until tomorrow and no one bothered to let us know! They had a great day, though!

So much has gone on around here this last month-and for most of it-we weren't even here! Mom went into the hospital on July 26th and stayed almost 2 weeks-we stayed at their house to keep an eye on Shorty and his blood sugar. We came home on my birthday and spent the night-but went right back the next morning and stayed another week. She is doing better and has an appointment with a new GI Dr. that she really likes and he thinks that she has been mis-diagnosd this whole time-testing will tell!

Sad thing though-while we were gone-a varmit seemed to have moved in-it wiped out all but 2 of our hens-including the new rooster!! We are SO upset-and Jeff can't seem to get it in the trap-this is another smart one. The quail eggs did hatch-13 of the 24-so I was very happy-so was Alana-she was the one who ended up tending to the incubator while we were up at Mom's. We bought 20 bitties from a friend of Mom's last week-but we have got to find some layers-I DON'T want to have to buy eggs!

The sheep are doing well-Pretzel is pregnant-and we've come to the conclusion that Midnight is a very old ewe-she appears to have arthritis and has trouble getting around sometimes-she hasn't put on any weight or gotten rounder-so we really don't think she's bred-and might not be a good idea for her to get that way!

The pigs are growing like crazy-the biggest one's days could be numbered! Jeff is already saying he's gone the first really good cool snap!
It has been SO very hot here! It was 101 degrees today-and my babies had to ride the bus home!! We are very ready for Fall to arrive! The guys started painting the house today-got the back and 1 side done and will work on it more tomorrow. It sure looks good-barn red and we'll trim it out in white. I want to paint all the out buildings when it cools off so everything will match-probally give the grandkids a brush and let 'em go at it!!

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