Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Flowers on the Farm!

Things are blooming all over the place here-just beautiful!!! These picture are from nearly 2 weeks ago. We've had SOOO much going on-I don't even know where to start! Let's see-Jeff did get approved for his Social Security benefits-HEY!!!!! What a weight off our shoulders-God is SO GOOD all the time!

We did decide to give up the beach property, though. It was VERY tough for us-we talked to the title company that did the original paperwork-they referred us to an attorney who drew up the papers for us to deed it back to the owners. We brought the camper home-actually to our friends river property-and cleaned up all of our stuff and had the utilities turned off. Very sad time for us!

Any one looking for Easter bunnies? I have 14 really cute ones for sale! We had another fight with a critter-got all but 1 of the bitties-and messed up the rooster-But Jeff got the coon yesterday morning-another one bites the dust!

The garden is coming along slowly-the tomatoes look awful-Jeff is threatening to pull them up and start over! We have some squash and beans up and I'm slowly getting other things planted when time allows. The potatoes are up too!

My job is going great and we seem to be settling in to a bit of a routine here. It is taking quite an adjustment for us with Jeff being home all the time. He has been handling the majority of the housework-I'm SO grateful to him!

We are planning to go with my aunt & uncle Friday to Round Rock to a big flea market-Saturday we may go to the Lufkin Zoo with Julie and the girls-we'll see if the weather holds out. Sunday will begin with Sonrise service @ 7:00 am with breakfast to follow. We'll have lunch with Jeff's parents.

Have a Happy Easter!


Lucky Lizard Ranch said...

It is great to hear from you!
The flowers are beautiful!

Anonymous said...
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