Monday, April 5, 2010

Wonderful Easter Weekend!

Cayden, Madysen, Jordan & Kaytlynn at the Lufkin Zoo!

We had a really great-although busy-weekend! The trip to Round Rock with Aunt Linda & Uncle Gary was exciting-we didn't get close to seeing everything there! Next time we'll have a better idea of what to do! I did get my big star to go on the house after we get it painted.

Saturday we made the trip up to Lufkin to the zoo-the kids had a ball! Hailey was with her dad-so she missed out this time. The kids were looking forward to seeing the hippos-but they weren't there. They really enjoyed their time there-along with a picnic lunch, train ride, and time to play on the playground.

We stopped by Tractor Supply on the way home to buy some live traps they had on sale-and just had to come home with 6 baby chicks-we'll give it another try! At least this time-we have traps ready to catch any critters trying to get to them! Jordan & Kaytlynn got to pick these out-straight run-hopefully they won't all be roosters!

Sonrise service was a little drippy-with all the HEAVY fog-but it is always such a special service! Bro. Tom is not feeling very well-he wasn't able to make it to the regular service-he even had to sit down during his message at the Sonrise service-he never complains-so we know he's really feeling bad! The choir's contata was probably one of the best I've ever heard-it was beautiful! Julie, Alana & Ricky and all the kids-minus Hailey made it to Church-so it really was a wonderful time.

We spent most of the afternoon at Jeff's parents-the kids had an Easter egg hunt and we sat around and visited for several hours.
I weaned the last 2 pens of bunnies this afternoon-I didn't have a chance this year to try to sell any for Easter bunnies-so looks like we'll have lots of fryers in a few more weeks-several are big enough to be butchered now-Jeff will more than likely take care of that later this week. The squash has come up like crazy-man I wish everything else looked as good as it does! Time will tell!

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