Tuesday, March 9, 2010

No More Pigs! :(

Well-to start off-I lied-I thought there were 8 pigs born-actually there were 10. But to end a sad story-as of yesterday-there was only 1 left. A friend of the kids came by on Sunday and took the boar and the last remaining pig-then picked up the sow yesterday. We no longer have any pigs at our house! We do intend to try to get another feeder pig shortly-what are we supposed to do with the slop when there are no pigs to feed it to?
We got potatoes, brocolli and some lettuce planted on Saturday-followed by the tomato plants on Sunday afternoon. The weather has just been great-FINALLY! It did rain some yesterday-but we needed a little. I leave shortly for the MRI on my knee-it doesn't seem to be hurting as much today-go figure! I just want it feel better so I'll want to get out and get busy!
We bought all the material to redo our front bathroom and also to finish the deck around the hot tub. Now we just have to find the time to get it done. We also got some fence wire to go up around the pasture side of the garden-we're having a hard time keeping the chickens out of the garden-so we don't want to plant too much yet!
Jeff has a Dr. appointment tomorrow and we're still waiting on an answer from Social Security-they are supposed to let us know something this week! We are on Spring Break next week-we plan to go to the beach Monday morning and come home on Thursday-or whatever! Hailey and Jordan both have Birthdays this weekend and we have a Wild Horse Ministry event at church on Friday night-so we have to be back to help with that. As usual-busy-busy.
Enjoy the great weather! :)


Lucky Lizard Ranch said...

Busy-busy is so much fun when the weather is nice!
Chicken+garden=scratching pests!
Two words--chicken tractor!

YeagerFarm said...

We have one! But we built it so strong=HEAVY-that we can't move it any longer without it coming apart! hehe!