Thursday, March 4, 2010

Baby pigs!

See how big the bitties have gotten!!
Is this a look into the future for this pig??

Well-she finally had them on Monday-but only had 8!-But 4 have died. She built her nest right out in the rain and cold-with the shed right next to her!

Our weather has just been beautiful since Monday-a few degrees warmer each afternoon. We will more than likely get some if not most of the garden planted by the end of the weekend. The potato eyes are cut and ready to go!

The hens are laying like CRAZY! We are getting a dozen most days! We have 3 litters of bunnies-the oldest will be ready to wean in a week or so. The calves are growing and will be ready to go to the locker plant in about a month.

Still no answer from Social Security-They told Jeff last week we should hear something by the end of next week. My x-rays came back showing nothing wrong with my knee-so a mri has been scheduled for next Tuesday. It is staying swollen-the more I'm on it-the worse it gets.-I just want it to quit hurting-I have too much I want to do outside!

We're babysitting tonight-Julie & Hailey have gone to Houston to the Rodeo to see Kenny Chesney. We watched the girl's last Saturday, too, while she was at work.

Have a great weekend!

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