Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bunnies & Beets & Brocolli

Jordan & Cayden with the beets they pulled from the garden!
Kaytlynn & Jordan helping me sell the bunnies near Conroe. They kept wrapping the bunnies up in their jackets-as if they were cold!

Well, we did set up Friday evening and sold 5 of the 7 bunnies we took! Saturday morning we set up over close to Conroe. I took 7 more bunnies and 3 of the adults-I HAVE to get rid of some! I sold 1 doe and 5 more of the bunnies! Still have 2 of the oldest bunnies and 3 more that will be old enough to go this weekend. Alana may try to sell those for me!

Jordan , Cayden and me pulled some of the beets Sunday morning and I cooked them for lunch. All the grandkids tried them-but no one but Jeff and me will eat them!

Yesterday we cut the first of the brocolli-some of the heads were huge! I put 3 quart bags in the freezer! We had to cover up all the tomato and pepper plants-it was supposed to get a little to close for comfort to the freezing mark this morning!It's 33 degrees out now and it's almost 6:00am-it'll drop a little more before daylight!

Guess I'll finish for now-gotta get ready for work! And everyone-Have a Happy Easter!!

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