Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wonderful News, but Bad, too!

We had the greatest pleasure to get to welcome our best friend's oldest son, Travis, home yesterday! He has been gone for 7 years and it is SO good to know he's back were he belongs! His Mom, Sheila, also has a blog here-so I'm sure when she comes down off the clouds-she'll post some of her beautiful writings!(Just The Burt's)And as it sometimes seems-with all good news-comes some bad. We found out on Saturday that one of the kids that grew up down the road here from us was found dead by his wife. Phillip was always smiling around us. And he was the one person Trav was most waiting to see. Tough times during such joy!!

Boy, did it rain here Saturday! Pat & Joe-sure hope you got some of it up in Trinity!! We had NO pasture for quite a while-it was totally water! We lost one of the baby pigs, too. We assume she almost drowned-by the other pigs piling up on her. We gave her a shot on Saturday when we found her-but she died Sunday. We heard some places had 4-6 inches of rain! I thought my garden was gone-but when the water drained off-it just needs some minor repair! I have to wait til it dries up some to get in there!

Well-I better go-gotta get ready for work!! Have a great day!

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