Friday, January 24, 2014

We have snow!

It may not seem like much to most folks up north, but to us in East Texas-this is a BIG deal! No school-I heard one of the banks in town is closed as well! The girls are telling me that we only have ice at the house though :(

Rascal wasn't sure what all this white stuff was...

View from in front of the camper

The Cub is covered in snow

Jeff and Rascal's footprints on the way to the barn-snow is a couple of inches deep!

Build up in a part of the gully

Icicles on Sally's side. We are on calf watch as well-Oreo is due anytime now and is staying away from the rest of the cows-sure hope she holds off until at least tomorrow-Temps are supposed to be close to 60-Texas weather-gotta love it!

Chickens are not too sure about this white stuff either-lol-but can can be lured out of the coop with fresh feed!

It is so beautiful outside! Snow changes the appearance of the landscape so drastically! It's like God washes everything sparkling white! Just like He does us if we only ask! We so seldom get snow-usually ice-but the ice is under the snow and our temps here will most likely not get above freezing all day-so it might stay all day before melting. They closed school today-so looks like I'll get some time to work on the income taxes-yuck-but it needs to get done. I'm normally just waiting on W-2's to come in by this time-but I haven't gotten all the receipts together yet-I'm running behind as usual!
Stay warm and safe out there!

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