Friday, January 10, 2014

Fresh Beef in the Freezer!!

We decided to go ahead and butcher the last of the Dexter's we had. Cocoa had become a little aggressive and seemed to know how to use those sharp, little horns. She also seemed to be having trouble carrying a calf-she'd been bred twice that we knew of and no calf. So with the extremely cold weather we had on Monday-Jeff went ahead and put her down. It was so cold-he just skinned her out and left the carcass hanging high in a tree outside of the camper overnight. 

It was frozen stiff when we got up on Tuesday morning and Jeff spent the day cutting it up into manageable pieces that would fit into the ice chests.

He got it ground up on Wednesday.

And I helped him package it up when I got home from work. This isn't all of it!

Jeff got all the steaks packaged on Thursday. We had burgers for supper on Wednesday-they were delicious! But the steaks he grilled for us and Sheila and Alfred last night were AWESOME!! So tender and full of flavor. And so healthy!
I don't have all the totals yet-so I'll get them posted as soon as I figure them out. We are just thankful to God for giving us a freezer full of healthy meat and the knowledge to process it ourselves. 
Our crazy Texas weather is at it again! It was 15 degrees when I was on my way to work on Tuesday morning and will be in the 70's tomorrow-go figure! Just hope this doesn't make everyone sick....

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Lisa Lynn said...

Hi Yeager Farmers!
Doesn't make me sick at all! I butcher my own poultry, but we only have 1 acre and can't raise our own cattle or hogs. Someday we hope to move to a larger property and then I plan to raise and butcher larger animals. Thanks for sharing your experience!

Lisa Lynn from The Self Sufficient HomeAcre :)