Friday, April 26, 2013

Oranges; Garden Pics# 4&5; and Squash!

 Just a few of the baby oranges on our tree at home-and we thought it was dieing!
 Garden Pic #4
 And #5-Things are looking good! Even despite the fact that the frost has nipped it twice now.
One of the squash! I took this pic last weekend, so it's even bigger/prettier now!

The milking is coming along quite well. Lady is such a .... well, sorry,...a Lady! She stands still mostly-she doesn't like flies at all! We haven't started keeping her milk yet-probably will start on Monday. I took a pic of what Jeff got tonight-about a gallon and a quart. We poured it up and will leave it out to see how much cream settles to the top. Curiosity is just killing us!
Enjoy your weekend! We've got a busy one planned!

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