Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Barn Clean-Up, Garden Pic #3, Mulberries, And Lady

 I mentioned a few posts back about the barn clean-up. Well, this is one of the before shots, and....
 the same area, but now with our rabbit cages installed. Jeff hauled in a few buckets of sand in and it's really helping with the drainage and has it leveled out nicely. It still needs some work, but at least you can safely walk through it, even though it still does have some poison ivy in there! :(
 Garden Pic #3-With a slightly cloudy day, it's kinda hard to see how well things are growing.
 Shorty's mulberry tree is just loaded with berries! Every year I say I'm gonna pick some and make jelly, maybe this will be the year. There sure are alot of them and they taste SOO good once they are ripe!
And last of all, Lady is starting to fill out quite nicely! We hadn't spent much time with the cows in the last week and she snubbed us a little when we walked out to see her. We brought a halter to put on her and she kept walking away. Jeff started petting her and she just stopped and he was able to get the halter on her with just two tries. She is just the neatest cow and so easy going. Hope it stays that way after the calf is born.

The weather turned off windy, cold and rainy today. It'll be down in the low 40's the next 2 mornings, but at least no freeze warnings. We sold 1 rabbit yesterday and still have quite a few. We made sausage out of some old bucks last week-very good stuff! I've been getting LOTS of snow peas from the garden, don't think we've ever had this many, and these were from saved seeds-yeah!

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