Sunday, February 19, 2012

Rain & Storm Damage

The high winds and rain-we got 2.2 inches!!-late Friday night and into Saturday caused one of the dead trees to fall onto the back yard fence-which just happens to be a pasture fence as well! But the cows weren't able to reach it-so they couldn't escape. But that didn't stop them on Friday morning-they somehow managed to get the pasture gate opened and Jeff's brother-in-law Donald called to say they were in his yard. No damage done-they are like a herd of puppies-just call 'em and they come running-kicking their heels up the whole way like it's some sort of cute little game to be escape artists!
Part of the tree fell across the fence and onto the kids trampoline-it was like a different playground for them-tunnels everywhere! Country kids can find fun in everything-not to mention all the mud puddles from all the rain we've been getting!!
Well-we now have one of the newest members of the LJH cheerleading squad living next door-Congrats to Hailey-she made the squad for next year!! We are SO proud of you! She was nervous-but at least she didn't have a panic attack this year like she did before drill team try-outs last year! It'll be a busy summer for her-and most likely for us as well!
We finally pulled up the brocolli plants and fed them to the cows this week. They had given all they could-I didn't think they were ever gonna stop making-but that's ok by me! I love brocolli! We'd picked up a few cauliflower plants-so we put them in their place. It's way too wet to even begin thinking about getting anything planted. We bought seed potatoes-but they will have to wait until it dries up a little. We aren't expecting any rain this week-so far- and it should be fairly warm-70's some days. Some of the fruit trees in the area are starting to bloom-my redbud in the front yard is starting as well. I really wish we had the bee hive already and didn't have to wait until the end of April to go pick them up. The tomato plants we started from seed are the most beautiful ones I think we've ever had. They are growing strong and healthy looking-looking forward to the fresh tomatoes they'll make this summer!

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