Friday, February 10, 2012

Father(Grandfather!) / Daughter Dance

Mady came home from school last week with a note for her Grandpa-an invitation to her school's Father/Daughter Dance! She wanted him to take her-not Uncle Randy or Uncle Ricky. So they had a date tonight! MaMa made her a special dress and Grandpa bought her stockings, new shoes, and a corsage! She was very excited! We'll see how the evening goes!

Jordan and Kylee enjoying a few moments together before we left for school yesterday. She's pulling herself up and standing against everything she can!

We've had a busy week around here-and MORE rain-thank you Lord! Monday started out with Jeff butchering the biggest hog-along with Titus' help. She was quite a big pig-so it took the guys all day and then some of the next. We don't know what we'd have done without Titus' help-he made things much easier for Jeff! The bacon is in the smokehouse now!

Jeff took the steer to the locker plant yesterday-so we'll have fresh beef next week as well! God is SO good! This is the reason we raise our own meat-we know what they've been fed and are processed in a dignified way. We are healthier because if it!

Tomorrow we'll spend the day in Conroe-gotta have new tires on my truck along with an oil change and new windshield wipers-I HATE to buy tires-one of my pet peeves-just don't like to spend money on them! Jeff needs new work boots-and I'm gonna get him an MP3 player for Valentines. I think he'll enjoy it while riding the tractor and while he's about his day. He wants to get a new pump for the well and get it back up and working. We haven't used it for years-even had dismantled the whole top part and gotten rid of it-so we need the motor and all. We need to find some more hay that we don't have to pay an arm and leg for!

Oh-and I ordered myself an eReader-should be here next week. I'm really looking forward to learning how to use it. I have the Kindle app on my laptop-but it isn't always easy sitting and reading from it. And this way the grandkids can have my laptop and I can still read.

We've started some tomatoes from seed and so far-they seem to be doing good. We bought a grow light to put on them last weekend and they are now getting their first true leaves. We planted Brandywine, Delicious, and Creole. We bought the seed potatoes last weekend as well-but we haven't gotten the ground even disced up yet-it'll get done when it gets done!

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