Friday, February 3, 2012

Garden Produce Bounty!

The first head of cabbage we've ever raised!! We've got 7 more out there!

More carrots-look at the one on the right-it had 4 seperate roots!

The broccoli just won't quit-no complaining here, though! We cut the main heads weeks ago-and the side shoots just keep coming!

The pictures speak for themselves!! The garden is doing great at the moment and we've been getting RAIN!! It actually is MUDDY around here!! We've got to get the big gardens disced up and ready to plant-too wet right now though-Blessings !!!!

The hens aren't laying at all-might get 1 egg a day. I'm thinking on getting some chicks real soon-and just starting over. The steer is just about ready to go to the locker plant-Jeff will probably call and make him an appointment next week. The hog is ready to butcher-we're just waiting on a good cold day to do the deed. Fresh link sausage will be SO good!

My Doc visit went well this week-I lost 10 lbs! Yeah!!In 1 month! The Doc said to keep on doing what I'm doing-borderline diabetes is enough to make a lifestyle eating change. Carbs are my issue-and boy do I love my potatoes, pasta and of course-Jeff's homemade bread. It's been tough-but I have to do this for my own health!

Have a great weekend!

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Sheila said...

Way to go Susie! 10 lbs is awesome! And the veggies are beautiful! :) Love y'all!