Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Well-alot's been going on with Mom-we've had her back and forth with Doctor/Hospital visits and running tests. We found out after last Friday's heart cath that things had gotten more serious. Right now-I'm in the waiting room at Conroe Regional waiting on them to take her back for a triple bypass and to clean out the artery in her neck-it's 90% blocked!Pray for her, please over the next few hours and days-the surgery itself will take 4-6 hours for the bypass and we don't know how much longer for the neck. She'll be fine-just awhile recouping! We'll have to stay with them for the next few weeks-Alana will be staying at our house to keep the animals fed and taking care of everything else!
We lost a very good friend on Friday. Bobby Conner was SO much a part of my growing up years and had a huge part in my early Christian life. I love this man just as much as my own father-he was such a kind and quiet soul. We ALWAYS shared a hug on Sunday mornings-I sure missed that hug last Sunday!! Jeff is serving as a pallbearer @ 10:00am this morning and will join me at the hospital as soon as he can.
The Children's Church had their Christmas program on Sunday night-it was a live nativity scene with the girl's being angel's and Jordan played a dual role-the innkeeper and a shepherd. They were great! We took Cheyenne and Pretzel and they both behaved beautifully-Cheyenne even moo-ed as if on que! When they were singing Away in the Manger-she lowed at just the right time-everyone asked how long it took us to train her-God is wonderful!! I'll post pictures later of the play-I got some good ones!
Gotta go for now-will give an update when I know something on Mom-just keep her in your prayers today!

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