Thursday, April 22, 2010

Time Rolls On!

Don't know where it goes-but time just keeps moving on around here! I look back and can't believe I let days go by without posting. Work is going great-we just seem SO busy lately! Mom had carpel tunnel surgury last Thursday-we moved our camper to their place so we can help them out and Shorty had cataract surgury yesterday-so we spent last Friday night with them-Jeff took them to Houston yesterday to the VA for Shorty's procedure and we stayed in the camper last night and will stay for the next few nights until they are able to get back on their feet. I already miss my grandkids-I bring them to school everyday!
The garden is starting to grow a little-somethings anyway! The green beans I planted last week are up and growing like crazy-about time something is! Jeff replanted some tomatoes and a few are looking up! Only a few cukes have popped up-none of the watermelons or cantaloupe, though. Maybe they'll all look better when we get to go back home.
The calves are about ready for the locker plant-the heifer just looks too nice to send to slaughter-we might just take her on to the sale barn-don't know. The hens are still laying like crazy-minus the one Jeff ran over with the truck last week-don't ask!! We had another litter of bunnies on Sunday-she wasn't due for another day or so and had them on the wire cage bottom-lost one-but the others seemed to be ok at last look-Jeff did butcher 1 pen of fryers last week-I really need to update my harvest count!
The afternoons have really begun to warm up-we haven't turned the a/c on yet-but the mornings are still a little cool. I love this time of year! It's a little breezy now and we have a chance of rain the next day or so-but we can always use it this time of year! Have a great one!

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