Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Summer Sausage & Jerky!!

 We tried our hand at making Summer Sausage for the first time this week. We were using up some ground deer meat we had. This is what it looked like before curing over night in the frig-then cooking it. This was a total of 6 lbs of meat.
 And we also made up 14 lbs of deer jerky sticks. We haven't made the sticks in quite awhile-the casings themselves have gotten expensive-it took $9.99 worth for the 14 pounds! We had both dehydrators full!
And the final product-it turned out GOOD!!! We'll have a hard time saving some for Randy-him and Casey will be here for Thanksgiving and we're under strict orders to save him some!
Been busy-taking Mom back and forth to the Doctor-and my Dad's in the hospital now-a real mystery-but they think all the problems are being caused by a new med they put him on last week. He's had to have his gall bladder taken out-his liver and kidney functions still aren't real good and may have to have dialysis tomorrow.
The weather has turned a little cooler-Jeff and Darren butchered the smaller white sow yesterday-so we have sausage hanging in the smokehouse as we type!! We'll package up the pork chops, etc when we get home from Church-WOW-weatherman just said we are under our first frost warning of the season-better go get more firewood in-we'll need it in the morning!

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