Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fall Flowers on the Farm-Apple Trees & Cheerleaders!

 My Angel Trumpet in full boom-again! The smell is SO sweet-but I haven't seen any bees buzzing around them.
 The 2 apple trees we bought at Lowe's today-they had them 50% off-so 2 for the price of one! We got 1 Dorset and 1 Anna-both green ones.
 Jeff's coral vine-we bought this one nearly 10 years ago in Brenham while staying there on our anniversary. It starts out growing really slow every year-doesn't do much of anything all summer-but after the first little cool snap we get-it just takes off growing like crazy-then blooms with the prettiest little blossoms!

Our little cheerleader-Hailey is really enjoying her time cheering! They are wearing the pink bandanas for Breast Cancer awareness month.
We've had to treat 1 of the hives for beetles-the weaker one had a pretty heavy infestation of them. We'll check tomorrow to see how many we've caught!
Jeff's had no luck hunting so far-and we've just been staying so busy-he's hardly had much time to hunt. We kinda took a personal day today-and spent a great deal of it in Conroe-just trying to get caught up on errands and get a little Christmas shopping done. We really had a good day and enjoyed each others company!
The weather can't seem to decide if it wants to be cool or down right warm! Today-it was in the mid 40's-Jeff had a fire going when I got up this morning-and now-we nearly turned the ac back on! Now the weather man is saying the high next Saturday will be in the low 70's-bring it on!!

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