Tuesday, September 6, 2011


We did manage to get a little-but a good drenching rain would be great! It has just been SO hot and dry this year. But we got our first cool front yesterday-it is WONDERFUL!!!
Well-we did our first football game in I don't even know how long. Last Friday night was Jr. High night at the High School game and was Hailey's very first drill team performance. She did great and even won Belle of the week. We were SO proud! And the Trojans beat the Mustangs!!
Only 2 of the turkeys hatched and lots of guinnes. Only one of the turkeys made it though. We bought 2 pigs yesterday-one that is 175 lbs and a small weaned one-both gilts. We'll watch the oldest to see if she comes in heat-she was in a pen with a young boar-and then decide who will go into the freezer-her or Lucy. We really need to find someone with a boar that we can hire to bred one or both-they are becoming WAY too hard to find and expensive as well! I'll get some pics of them when I can remember to take my camera out to the pens.
We start teaching a youth class at church tomorrow night-keep us and the kids in your prayers. We feel very honored to be asked to lead these young minds toward a closer relationship with Christ.
Mom is back in the hospital again-she was holding lots of fluid-Long story as usual-but she's having a bad go with gout now-she's been there for over a week-hopefully she'll come home soon. We didn't go camping for the long weekend, either. Just decided it wasn't worth it with the high gas prices and all. Our anniversary is next week and may go then or might just book a hotel room in Galveston-we haven't really decided-it's hard to make plans when you don't know what's gonna happen with Mom.
We've been having a ball watching the hummingbirds on the back porch-I go out there when I get in from work and watch them fight over the feeders. Jeff counted 8 one day last week-why they can't share is just beyond me-they fuss and screech at each other and it seems like no one gets anything to eat!!

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