Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Good Stuff-Cool Stuff-Sad Stuff

Here's some of the good stuff-the new pigs! They are settlin' in very well-they still don't like creep pellets-they much rather prefer slop-go figure!

And 6 more pints of picante sauce!-This batch came out a little on the warm side-but yummy! I also put up 1 more pint of jalapeno peppers-they don't last long around here!

Ok-now for the cool stuff! My hubby is SO talented! See that small space between the trees-that's one of the laying hens in the far background-that's where the small gate that leads into the little pasture at the front of our property is. We had a very large-very dead black gum tree that's been standing in that area forever. It died about 2 years ago and we kept talking about cutting it down before it fell on top of Jeff's shop. It was hollow-had very few limbs left-and was beginning to crack in several places. We knew it had to be cut before it fell on its' own and caused some major damage.

Well-it's down now! And boy-it really was hollow!

And did I mention how cool my hubby is? He threw that big tree right where he wanted it to fall-right between the gate posts!! One is slightly leaning-but will just have to be reset a little! Boy am I impressed!

We celebrated our 32nd anniversary last week-yeah!! We ran into Galveston Friday afternoon and stayed the night-just kinda hung out and took it easy-we really enjoyed each others company with no interuptions! And as usual-I had the camera-and never took the first picture!

Now the sad news. Dogs killed both of our sheep sometime late Thursday night/early Friday morning. The kids have been missing Pretzel quite a bit-she was just like a big puppy that followed them everywhere in the pasture and demanded attention at the gate anytime anyone was in the back yard. No animal deserves that and she'll be sorely missed.

We also have a pair of turkeys now as well -they are about 17 weeks old. The tom is starting to try gobblin'-quite a funny sound!

Youth group is going well-we have an outting planned in a few weeks-they want to have a paintball war-we'll see-but we want to let them get their bearings in the woods at the river so they don't get lost!! No really-we want to let them just get better aquaintted with us and learn that as Christians-they can have lots of fun in good, wholesome ways!

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