Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Cutest Pic!

Isn't this just TOO sweet? They were already bedded down for the night-it's just SO hot-ain't NO way we're staying under mom's wings! We'll just perch on the edge-or better yet-how about on top??
Well-we've given up on the big garden-it just burned up!! We did bring 3 buckets of mushroom dirt into the garden here at the house yesterday-and planted field corn in it tonight and watered it in. We'll see what happens! The tomatoes are about the only things that seem to be thriving at the moment-the peppers are a close second.
I'm back on 10 hour days for the summer-at least the 16 days I have to work! And I've put 2 of them in already! We are going camping this weekend at the lake-it'll be the first time we've actually taken the camper-camping. It has always been taken somewhere and set up to stay for AWHILE. This will be the test run before our week long trip in July-can't wait!
We are still on baby watch. Alana goes to the Dr on Thursday and they will set up her date to induce. She was dilated to a 1 and starting to thin out last week and has been having contractions on and off for weeks now. Her baby shower is Saturday-so she has to hold out til then! She is SO ready!

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